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This 15th August marked the completion of 68 years of Indian Independence. Many sentiments were floating on social media , each unique to other. We sat together, talking about all that India has achieved in all these years and what can be the next step towards being a developed nation. But as the discussions grew serious, we stumbled few questions :

Do our actions justify the treasured freedom of our nation and society?

The manner in which we are leading our lives, is this the India our freedom fighters dream of?

Are we considerate enough for our surroundings?

We brainstormed on these questions and finally decided to highlight a specific problem area – the deteriorating state of our historical monuments. We decided lets put a real picture of what’s the current state of such monuments in our country and a contrasting picture which shows a more cleaner India.


We wanted to convey a real scenario so we did a bit of research , went on the streets till we got a glimpse of Delhi Darwaza. It’s a 500 year old monument which is standing right at a busy street of Ahmedabad. It had paan stains all over it , the benches which were installed there were also facing garbage in front of them. It felt heart wrenching to see a piece of history in this situation.


Then suddenly, it struck us! Let’s show the people what potential this place has. Almost 20 million foreign tourists visit India every year. This shouldn’t be the face of an Independent India . So we did what we were best at. Our team at 4Dea assembled at the location. We shot the monument and in a day or two, we made a 360 view of the same. We worked on bringing the aspect of a cleaner view of the same place and made a 360 view of that as well. At 4Dea , we crave for new challenges and this was one. We did the post processing and did everything in-house(even the vocals :P) .


Finally , at the day of 15th August, we launched it on our Facebook page and on other social media platforms. The response we got was amazing. People really liked the idea. It was a big relief for us. They really got the message clearly. There were few hiccups as well but it all added in our learning. All in all, this Independence day, a small part of all us got freed from within.

Jai Hind!

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